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Paul Murphy Paul.Murphy at argentadiscovery.com
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> We use a program that can export the LDAP from Exchange that creates an 
> access table for sendmail.  We also have a program that runs on servers to 
> push the valid emails from one server to another so that when the primary is 
> done, the secondary only queues legitimate rcpt's.

I do something similar - daily LDAP extraction to a database table, which my filter queries from filter_recipient.  I want to be able to log failed messages from within my filter, so Sendmail's rejection via the Access database is too crude for me.  All of my mail servers query the same database, and also use the database to share blacklist/greylist/whitelist data, etc.

The DB server is of course a single point of failure, but it is reliable enough for our needs, and if necessary we can cluster the DB server for auto failover.

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