[Mimedefang] Sendmail::Milter

WBrown at e1b.org WBrown at e1b.org
Wed Nov 25 11:19:58 EST 2009

Joseph Brennan wrote on 11/24/2009 03:58:08 PM:

> There are mailing list products that send to 1 recipient per message
> and close the connection after each one.  They don't pipeline when
> running a queue either.  I think the products run their own queue
> instead of handing it off to a sane MTA.

LSoft's Listserv can be configured to use one recipient per message, but it
is not the default configuration.  Using this setting can help with
tracking mail delivery errors.  Listserv requires the use of a mail relay,
but I don't know if it closes the connection between each message or uses
RSET when delivering to the relay.  After that, behavior is up to the MTA
being used.

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