[Mimedefang] Sendmail::Milter

Michiel Brandenburg apex at xepa.nl
Tue Nov 24 14:46:04 EST 2009

David F. Skoll wrote:
>> Anyway I guess we're getting away from what the OP was asking
>> (rate-limiting with a milter) but I don't have any ideas about 
>> that.
> Rate-limiting with a milter is not a good idea; it's very heavy-weight
> even if the milter is written in finely-honed C.  You're much better off
> using the built-in Sendmail 8.14 rate-limiting facilities or even OS-level
> packet-filtering facilities.

What might be a nice tradeoff is using the socket map feature of 
sendmail to hook sendmail into mimedefang that way.  Dunno how that 
would impact performance but it might be a nice tradeoff.

As I recall the socket map protocol is pretty lightweight but might 
still be too slow, in my case it works fine even with about 1/2 mails 
per sec.

small consept for the greetpause everyone onFriendsList would get
a greet pause of 0 sec the rest the default one set in sendmail.mc

# sendmail.mc
FEATURE(`access_db',`socket -T<TMPF> inet:11111 at localhost')dnl

# mimedefang config
MX_MAP_SOCKET=inet:11111 at

# mimedefang-filter
sub filter_map {
   my($mapname, $key) = @_;
   switch( $mapname ) {
     case "access" {
       my ($left, $right) = split(':', lc($key));
         switch( lc($left) ) {
	  case "greetpause" {
	    if (defined onFriendsList($right)) { return ("OK", 0); }
             return ("NOTFOUND", "");

That might work for you, ps warning do not return too much in the second 
argument of the filter_map function, it will desyncronize mimedefang, 
this is a known problem David made this less likely to happen when he 
increased the allowed size but no check is made to see if it's too large 
( around 16k should still be ok I think, check the mailing list).
Michiel Brandenburg

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