[Mimedefang] MD Quarantine Management

Jonas Eckerman jonas_lists at frukt.org
Mon Nov 23 10:41:48 EST 2009

Jon Rowlan wrote:
> Is anyone using Paul Murphy's MIMEDefang Quarantine Management scripts?

No. I'm using my own CGI script. It's available at 

It's not much, but together with the report script (available at the 
same place) that sends me daily quarantine reports it's enough for me.

> I am struggling to get past the point where the scripts tell me that
> they are unable to access the quarantine directory.

Are you running them as a user with permission to access the directory?

> I have moved a copy of the quarantine folders to a working dir, changed
> perms, changed the script to point to this dir and it still refuses to

What about owner?

Jonas Eckerman
Fruktträdet & Förbundet Sveriges Dövblinda

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