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It hasn't developed any further, but I still use it in a live environment.

The quarantine permissions have to be set either by a cron job or from within your filter - in filter_end(), I have the following:

    if ($QuarantineCount > 0 || $EntireMessageQuarantined)
                my $dir = get_quarantine_dir();
                system("chmod -R g+rwX $dir");
                system("chown -R defang:defang $dir");

The web user on your system then has to be a member of the "defang" group, which allows the cgi script to access any quarantine directory, and to delete it.

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>>> "Jon Rowlan" <jon.rowlan at sads.com> 21/11/2009 21:11 >>>
Is anyone using Paul Murphy's MIMEDefang Quarantine Management scripts?

I see there is a BETA, did it ever get further than that, perhaps to

I am struggling to get past the point where the scripts tell me that
they are unable to access the quarantine directory.

I have moved a copy of the quarantine folders to a working dir, changed
perms, changed the script to point to this dir and it still refuses to
access the directory.

I wondered whether there might be some version a little more towards a
full release that may address these problems.

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