[Mimedefang] mimedefang fails to start upon reboot

jef moskot jef at math.miami.edu
Wed Nov 18 04:24:25 EST 2009

On Tue, 17 Nov 2009, Paul Murphy wrote:
> ulimit -a > /tmp/mimedefang.$$
> Reboot the system, let MIMEdefang fail, then restart it manually, and 
> compare the outputs from the two processes - there will be two files in 
> /tmp, one from the initial startup, and one from the manual startup.

The files are identical.  I will email you the specifics.

> Just to clarify, when you restart the process "manually", I presume you 
> are using something like "/etc/init.d/mimedefang restart" rather than 
> killing the processes and then running mimdefang-multiplexor from the 
> command line?

Right.  Although the issue I mentioned previously is still there (I was 
wrong when I thought that it had gone away), in that restart does not 
work.  I have to do a stop, wait around 5 seconds, then do another start. 
Then it works fine.

I believe that's always been the case, and seems to be an issue at least 
not directly related to whatever is causing the script to fail upon 

> I suspect [perl.core] will report the same memory allocation errors, and 
> not a lot more.

OK, thanks.

Jeffrey Moskot
System Administrator
jef at math.miami.edu

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