[Mimedefang] 2.68 beta 2 release?

Rolf Loudon rolf at ses.tas.gov.au
Mon Nov 16 00:30:00 EST 2009

> Matt Selsky wrote:
>> Is there a 2.68 beta 2 release coming anytime soon?  Is there
>> anything I can do to help the release happen sooner?
> We don't have an ETA for further releases.  Is there a feature or bug-fix
> in particular that you need?

There was that perl bug (don't have the reference handy right now) that caused MD to crash after a md-mx-ctrl reread.  workaround was to stop then start it instead.

Its fixed in 2.68 beta 1 but I was hoping that 2.68 could be released so the debian package could be made available.  If I know this isn't going to happen for the forseeable then I may as well go ahead and install from source.  



> Unforunately, MIMEDefang development has more-or-less stalled over the
> last few months.  We did hire someone to work exclusively on MIMEDefang,
> but it didn't work out and he quit after a few weeks.
> Also unfortunately, the two full-time developers at Roaring Penguin who
> work on mail filtering (that's me and Dave O'Neill) are concentrating
> on our commercial products, because those bring in the cash.  As a result,
> MIMEDefang has languished.
> What would kick-start MIMEDefang development?  If a bunch of largish
> MIMEDefang users got together and paid for a developer for a year.
> Until that happens, MIMEDefang development is likely to happen only
> if/when we need something in MIMEDefang for our commercial products.
> If you're a large institutional user of MIMEDefang, please consider what
> it's worth to your organization, and please consider contributing some
> cash back for its development.
> Regards,
> David.
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