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You also need to copy the file "redhat/mimedefang-sysconfig" from mimedefang source directory to "/etc/sysconfig/mimedefang" file. Then restart mimedefang service.

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Ive installed mimedefang sucessfully.  Its installed on a redhat dist.  I copied the redhat init script to /etc/init.d and tried to get it to start.  I get an error message that says:
Starting mimedefang-multiplexor: ERROR: You must not run mimedefang-multiplexor as root.
Use the -U option to set a non-root user.
Starting mimedefang: ERROR: You must not run mimedefang as root.
Use the -U option to set a non-root user.

Can someone help me with the syntax of the init file so it will start mimedefang as a user named defang?  Ive been reading throught the readme and man pages, but dont seem to be able to wrap my brain around the syntax.



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