[Mimedefang] mimedefang fails to start upon reboot

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Mon Nov 9 15:29:21 EST 2009

- wrote:
> In general, I don't see why anybody should care about any bug that doesn't exist with the most current release of ALL involved software packages.

Maybe because most people aren't willing to rebuild their entire 
production server environment every other week?

Maybe because their upstream distro provider maintains something like a 
stable environment for more than a few months at a time?

Maybe because some people's production server environments require 
bureaucratic certification for even relatively minor changes?  Or 
truckloads of test documentation certifying that the app workload runs 
as expected on the platform?  (Or both...)

RHEL 3, 4, *and* 5 (and any source-rebuild distros like White Box or 
Centos) still use perl 5.8.  So does Debian Etch.

And according to http://www.cpan.org/src/README.html, 5.8.9 is a 
supported release, and the current release in that branch.


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