[Mimedefang] mimedefang+postfix on debian lenny

ADNET Ghislain gadnet at aqueos.com
Tue Nov 10 10:45:33 EST 2009


  I have a silly question. As i try to install mimedefang and postfix on 
debian it seems debian want to install sendmail and remove postfix as 
soon as i say the 'mimedefang' word. Is there any way to make this work 
or are we doomed to sendmail on debian ?

The following NEW packages will be installed:
  libconvert-binhex-perl{a} libdrm2{a} libfontenc1{a} libgl1-mesa-glx{a} 
libice6{a} libio-stringy-perl{a} libmilter1.0.1{a} libmime-tools-perl{a} 
libperl5.10{a} libsm6{a} libunix-syslog-perl{a} libxaw7{a} libxdamage1{a}
  libxfixes3{a} libxft2{a} libxi6{a} libxinerama1{a} libxmu6{a} 
libxrender1{a} libxt6{a} libxtst6{a} libxv1{a} libxxf86dga1{a} 
libxxf86vm1{a} m4{a} mimedefang sendmail{a} sendmail-base{a} 
sendmail-bin{a} sendmail-cf{a}
  sensible-mda{a} tcl8.3{a} tk8.3{a} x11-utils{a} xbitmaps{a} xterm{a}

The following packages will be REMOVED:

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