[Mimedefang] recording mimedefang actions

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Thu Nov 19 10:19:40 EST 2009

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> Subject: [Mimedefang] recording mimedefang actions
> Hello,
> I am writing to a database from filter_end in mimedefang-filter.  I just
> realized that I am missing actions taken by other subroutines.  For example,
> if mimedefang drops a message due to a bad extension, my database is unaware
> and thinks the mail got through, when in fact it was dropped with warning.
> Is there a global variable which stores drop/reject actions taken by other
> routines?

It's better, you write your own subroutine(s) for recording actions to the database according
to your needs and call from the other subroutines.

> thanks,
> Cliff
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