[Mimedefang] md-mx-ctrl kills multiplex

Casper Kristiansson Casper.Kristiansson at ldc.lu.se
Fri May 15 11:53:07 EDT 2009


The problem was solved with mimedefang-2.68-BETA-1, but the problem was not perl related.

I ran and run perl 5.8.

Now with mime-beta it's not killing multiplexor anymore.



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Ämne: Re: [Mimedefang] md-mx-ctrl kills multiplex

Casper Kristiansson wrote:

> That looks like a perl 5.10 problem, i'm running 5.8.

Oh, ok.  Then that might not be it.  You might need to
strace the multiplexor and see what it does when you run md-mx-ctrl reread


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