[Mimedefang] Adding headers during filter sender() and 2.68 Beta 1 issue.

Martin Blapp mbr at freebsd.org
Tue May 26 18:01:33 EDT 2009


>4)  To allow these functions in filter_recipient() may cause the addition
to occur for EACH recipient.  That appears >inappropriate.  In contrast,
adding a "TRACE" header indicating some sort of "forward looking" status per
recipient >may be appropriate (although no RFC or standard I'm aware of
requires such at this time).

In mf_data() all recipients are already collected. mf_data() is the callback
happens immediatly after the data command is issued, but before any content
submitted to the filter. IMHO filter_begin() should be connected to mf_data,
and not the the stage later. This would safe a lot of IO.

>However, I don't favor SRS.  Cooperating forwarding arrangements should
recognize the valid forwarder (whitelist or >SMTP AUTH) and bypass (only)
the SPF check, making SRS unnecessary.  SPF only works at the front-end
receiving >MTA.  If one cannot trust one's forwarders, maybe that
relationship shouldn't exist.  Therefore, I don't see any >need.

SRS, ok, that may not be needed. But BATV is definitly a good thing to have,
but maybe in an adaptive
way if there are too many bounces in some timeframe.


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