[Mimedefang] [Kinda OT] Automagic PGP Signing of Outbound Mail

si at yacc.co.uk si at yacc.co.uk
Thu Jul 23 14:29:21 EDT 2009


I appreciate that this will be of no interest to many people - thanks for your patience.

I also appreciate that a lot of folks have very strong negative feelings about this kind of thing, for very good reasons. In 99% of all cases, I'd probably agree with you, but in the situation I'm in, it makes good sense (but given this post is on the verge of 'totally off-target', I'll spare you the details).

Essinitally, all I need to do is sign all *outbound* emails coming from a single MTA, dedicated to a single domain, with a single shared key. To me, Mimedefang seems to be the obvious place to do this.

Has anyone actually done anything this, or know of a better way of doing it? I've already taken a look at what I could find on the web, but no joy (PGPSendmail probably came closest, but I'd prefer to avoid using a sub-MTA if I can).

BTW - if anyone has, and is too embarrased to admit it in public, pls feel free to contact me directly :)

Thanks for your time.


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