[Mimedefang] Overlong line in RESULTS file and sendmail confMAX_HEADERS_LENGTH

Tilman Schmidt t.schmidt at phoenixsoftware.de
Tue Feb 17 09:55:23 EST 2009

Roberto Ullfig schrieb:

> Feb 16 13:56:28 clientmq-3 mimedefang[19145]: n1GJt7KB012211: Overlong 
> line in RESULTS file - 25940 chars (max 8191)

> confMAX_HEADERS_LENGTH  MaxHeadersLength
>                     [32768] Maximum length of the sum
>                     of all headers.
> It would seem that sendmail and mimedefang are at odds here. Sendmail 
> allows 32K headers but mimedefang only allows 8K headers. Is that what 
> I'm seeing? Am I understanding this right? If so, wouldn't it make sense 
> to reduce sendmail's confMAX_HEADERS_LENGTH to 8191? The way we have 
> things setup I'd much rather have the message get rejected by sendmail 
> instead of mimedefang.

These are different things. MIMEdefang limits the length of a single
header line, while Sendmail limits the length of the entire header.

Setting confMAX_HEADERS_LENGTH to 8191 would reliably limit the length
of each individual header line to 8191, too, of course, but it would
be a rather drastic way of achieving that. :-)


Tilman Schmidt
Phoenix Software GmbH
Bonn, Germany

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