[Mimedefang] Re : HTML Boilerplates Disclaimers and image files e.g. jpeg/tiff

Jonas Eckerman jonas_lists at frukt.org
Thu Feb 5 12:12:34 EST 2009

David F. Skoll wrote:

>> I can't agree more. [...]  The South African government requires by
>> law that all e-mail messages originating from South African
>> companies MUST contain a disclaimer.

> That is very sad.  I believe the UK has a similar law.

IIRC the UK law requires a footer or other easy to find placement 
of contact information, company reg nr and such. Wich is not the 
same as a silly disclaimer.

IIRC (again), this has been interpreted as requiring a disclaimer 
for some to me unknown reason.

Please note that I'm not from the UK, not a lawyer (or similar) 
and that it's very possible that I don't recall correctly...

Jonas Eckerman, FSDB & Fruktträdet

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