[Mimedefang] Re : HTML Boilerplates Disclaimers and image files e.g. jpeg/tiff

Ernst eduplooy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 04:45:19 EST 2009

> Adding disclaimers to email is pointless, wasteful and irritating.
> Adding images in such disclaimers is beyond the bounds of decency.
> Tell me, when your organization sends out written correspondence, or
> concludes a phone call, do you add the disclaimer:
> "All information contained in this letter or phone call is
> confidential and may be used by the intended recipient only."
> No, of course not.  To do so would be ridiculous.  So why the fetish
> for mucking with e-mail?

I can't agree more.  It is absolutely ridiculous to add disclaimers to 
e-mail.  I however understand Gibson's problem since he is from South 
Africa.  The South African government requires by law that all e-mail 
messages originating from South African companies MUST contain a disclaimer. 
I have had many arguments with "so called" IT lawyers in this regard, and 
even if you convince them about the stupidity of it all, it's still enforced 
by SA law.  There is nothing an e-mail administrator can do about it.  Very 
sad but true :(

Gibson, you're welcome to contact me off-list for assistance.  Just remember 
that adding JPEG images to your disclaimer is not enforced by law and is 
HIGHLY discouraged.  In fact you have a case to argue that you cannot 
guarantee that the recipient receives it. 

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