[Mimedefang] Identity which sendmail process

Robert T. Covell rcovell at rolet.com
Tue Feb 10 10:31:18 EST 2009

We have two sendmail processes running that will utilize the same MD

One process is for regular mail on port 25; the other is for
authenticated mail on port 587.

How can we identify the parent process in the filter?  Would it be
something we declare in the sendmail.mc file and reference the variable
in the fitler?  Or is there something easier that I am missing.

We are doing filtering based on the domain name for the local user.  The
domain name when coming in on port 587 is not for the local user but the
domain of the external user.  So we are storing the sender domain in
filter_sender and referencing that in filter_end.  If it comes in on 25
we use the regular domain, if it comes in 587 we use the senderDomain
that was set in filter_sender.  Can't seem to identify how it came in.

Any ideas?


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