[Mimedefang] spamassassin MISSING_HEADERS Missing To: header

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Tue Dec 22 18:13:25 EST 2009

ben williams wrote:

> I'm using mimedefang 2.67 from Fedora EPEL. When mimedefang processes a
> message using spam_assassin_check() the above spamassassin rule is never
> triggered. But if I run spamassassin on the command line (without
> mimedefang) and give it a message with no To: header, the rule is
> triggered.
> Has anyone encountered this problem?

Everyone will, because MIMEDefang synthesizes a To: header if there isn't
one.  This is arguably wrong.  To fix it, edit mimedefang.pl and remove
these lines:

    # Add To: header if one missing
    if (open(IN, "<./HEADERS")) {
	my $hto = grep { /^To:/i } <IN>;
	push(@sahdrs, "To: undisclosed-recipients:;\n") unless $hto;



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