[Mimedefang] moving use Sys::Hostname higher up

Cliff Hayes chayes at afo.net
Sat Dec 19 21:46:51 EST 2009


I needed to make the server's hostname available to a routine I added to
mimedefang-filter, filter_end subroutine so I added  "use Sys::Hostname" to
mimedefang.pl just below the global variable declarations and above the
first subroutine.  Then I commented it out from sub get_host_name.

I want to get the hostname once and use it for each filter_end.

Is that a good idea or no?  Seems to be working.  Or is hostname already
available to me in filter_end?  I don't know when get_host_name gets called
and I don't want to call it for every email.

Thanks in advance,


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