[Mimedefang] defang running as postfix user

Aniruddha Barua zmrif at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 1 13:04:06 EST 2009

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> From: ADNET Ghislain <gadnet at aqueos.com>
> To: mimedefang at lists.roaringpenguin.com
> Sent: Tue, December 1, 2009 8:17:15 PM
> Subject: [Mimedefang] defang running as postfix user
> hi,
> I have some little security question regarding mimedefang configuration as i 
> have issue running clamav and postfix with it because of socket owner's right.
> Do you know if  there is  any security risk to run defang as the postfix user ?
> Same question if i run mimedefang as the clamav user ?

Normally, "mimedefang" is run as user "defang", "postfix" is run as "postfix" and "clamav" is
run as user "defang" because it is "mimedefang" that calls "clamav". There may be other ways too.
Depends on your requirements and situation.

> regards,
> Ghislain.


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