[Mimedefang] spam reject message - was Re: questions about filter parsing, message mod'ing, and bouncing messages

- kd6lvw at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 31 15:25:12 EDT 2009

> action_bounce("Message appears to be Spam. Matched $names for a score of
> $hits.");

I do not believe that it is a good idea to reveal to a spammer what he matched or what the overall score was.  That allows them to adjust the message to beat the filter.

When I reject spam (which I don't always do), I use a simple message:  "550 5.7.1 Spam".  That's it.  I don't reject spam that is addressed to my spamtraps or if the score is close to the threshold (on the high side), but mark the latter and deliver to the user.  If one uses only "$hits >= $required", then one has a hard cutoff.

"if abs($required - $hits) < $threshold" used for marking and delivering will provide a soft threshold that has a "gray" area for messages right at the spam score borderline.

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