[Mimedefang] questions about filter parsing, message mod'ing, and bouncing messages

Jason Bertoch jason at electronet.net
Mon Aug 31 12:53:54 EDT 2009

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> > MIMEDefang does not currently support multiline replies (it's on the
> > TODO list.)  There's also no guarantee end-users will see the text;
> > some MTAs eat it.
>    I guess I'm just curious how some companies do a more robust
> reply in a bounce message. It's not really important, only that I'd
> like to be able to provide a URL for assistance in false-positives.
> But as I said it's not really important.

Out of curiosity, how much information are you trying to insert into the
error message such that it causes you problems?  I use the following line
for messages that score above my highest threshold.  For really spammy
messages, this line can get rather long, but hasn't produced any problems to
the best of my knowledge.  Any false positive submitters have been able to
include the expanded error message in their report.

action_bounce("Message appears to be Spam. Matched $names for a score of

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