[Mimedefang] Obscuring email addresses on the web

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Thu Aug 6 18:40:57 EDT 2009

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> --- On Thu, 8/6/09, WBrown at e1b.org <WBrown at e1b.org> wrote:
>> A colleague quoted in an email "email spam from web crawlers is a
>> problem for you and your IT department, obfuscating email addresses
>> on your website turns your problem into a problem for your users".
>> Has anyone seen this or something similar?
> Yes.  I have several spam-trap addresses in my web pages and they do seem to get hit often enough that I leave them there.
> I use my own PHP-driven script forms for messages that I want to receive via a web site.  However, even this has been hit by spam (only 5 times).  Users can specify only a message subject and content.  The "to" address is hard coded into the script - no variable (unlike some popular "frommail" scripts).

There's also this which makes life a little harder on spammers...


Put the link on your website and they get endless pages of bogus email addy's -- a lot at domains of known spammers.



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