[Mimedefang] ADMIN: Roaring Penguin no longer accepts mail from gmail.com

Martin Blapp mbr at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 6 18:21:50 EDT 2009

Hi David,

+1 from my side. I had very long discussions about just the same
issue two years ago with google, and all they said is, that they
have different blocks of google IP-adresses where they route the
outgooing good, and the outgoing bad mails. And of course they
hide the originating IP. 

Unfortunatly their routing was and still is bad, so only blocking
both IP-ranges helps. A very very bad design.

Thats also a reason why we (I'm one of the admins there) set google.com
at @dnswl.org to level NONE. http://www.dnswl.org/search.pl?s=google.com.
You can skip graylisting for them, but not any spam checks.

IMHO we have to do something against this. Since they record the
google account in the mails, how about a dns block list of abused
google accounts ;-) ? Just another blacklist, but one which would
be effective ...


>Roaring Penguin software no longer accepts mail from gmail.com addresses;
>our reasoning is here: http://www.roaringpenguin.com/whynogmail
>I see 46 gmail.com users subscribed to MIMEDefang.  Sorry for the
>inconvenience, but if you want to post to MIMEDefang, you'll need to
>do so from a non-GMail account.

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