[Mimedefang] User list strategy problem ... sendmail doesn't know what to do with root email

Cliff Hayes chayes at afo.net
Mon Aug 31 18:09:16 EDT 2009


Previously, before the gmail ban, I was on the receiving end of a great
discussion on strategies for blocking mail and only allowing my users to
relay through sendmail/mimedefang.

Of the 4 methods discussed, I picked the access table method ... it has been
working great but I just noticed one problem ... sendmail doesn't know what
to do with root email.  Therefore, all the various system notification
emails (like failed cron jobs) are getting dumped.  I noticed there isn't
even a root file in /var/spool/mail.

The access table has the following entry for each user:
To:username at mydomain.com RELAY

...and this for each domain at the bottom

To:mydomain.com REJECT

The aliases table remains untouched (one exception mentioned below).

The local-host-names is empty

The mailertable has an entry for each domain:

mydomain.com esmtp:sendmail.mydomain.com

I added the following to sendmail.mc

define(`MAIL_HUB', `sendmail.mydomain.com')dnl

...and of course it has a SMART_HOST entry pointing to

There is an entry for each domain in relay-domains

The virtusertable is empty

I run with procmail commented out of sendmail.mc ... I tried putting that
back in ... no difference.
The only way I can see root email is to put an entry in the aliases table to
send me the root mail ... but would rather root mail stay on the server

  Below are the errors:

Aug 31 15:57:13 nitronium03 sendmail[26225]: n7VKvCcf026225: to=root,
delay=00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=relay, pri=31244, relay=[]
[], dsn=5.2.1, stat=User unknown
Aug 31 15:57:13 nitronium03 sendmail[26225]: n7VKvCcf026225: SYSERR(root):
savemail: cannot save rejected email anywhere

How can I get sendmail to continue to relay the users listed in access,
deliver local email destined for root locally, and reject everything else?

Thanks in advance,


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