[Mimedefang] relay_is_blacklisted_multi() multithreading problems?

Erik Hensema / HostingXS hensema at hostingxs.nl
Thu Apr 23 10:04:58 EDT 2009

On Thursday 23 April 2009 15:07:50 Joseph Brennan wrote:
> "Erik Hensema / HostingXS" <hensema at hostingxs.nl> wrote:
> > However, in some (rare) cases relays are blocked even though there are
> > whitelisted and not blacklisted on any blacklist.
> > I can't see how this can be caused by my filter code.
> Does it check external nameservers that might not be responding?  What
> does your code do on timeout?  Is the relay blocked 450 or 550?

This is the perl code:

        my $ans = relay_is_blacklisted_multi($RelayAddr, 5, $required, 

        my $count = 0;
        foreach my $domain (keys(%$ans)) {
                my $r = $ans->{$domain};
                if(ref($r) eq "ARRAY") {
                        push @dnsbl_positive, $domain;

The resulting action depends on user preferences. It may either result in a 
550 or a tag in the message subject indicating the message may be spam.

I'm counting the number of positive matches because the user may require X 
matches for a subject tag and Y matches for a 550.

I wasn't aware I should do timeout handling, I was under the impression 
relay_is_blacklisted_multi() did all the handling.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Erik Hensema / HostingXS Internet Services

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