[Mimedefang] Command line RBL checkers

Stephen Johnson stephen.johnson at arkansas.gov
Thu Sep 18 12:09:58 EDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-09-10 at 09:21 -0400, WBrown at e1b.org wrote:
> Does anyone know of an command line DNSRBL checker?  I used to use
> DNSStuff.com, but they went pay-only a while ago.
> http://www.moensted.dk/spam/ isn't bad, just a little hard on the eyes.
> Is there a command line checker out there that would take an IP, reformat
> it to each lookup and then submit the DNS query?

Sorry about the lateness of reply. Playing catchup with mailing lists.

It's not an command line tool. But I use openrbl.org as my primary DNSBL
checker. The Openrbl JSClient hits 30+ sources at once and displays the
results in a nice color coded chart. And a nice UI to access the
individual results.
Stephen L Johnson  <stephen.johnson at arkansas.gov>
Unix Systems Administrator / DNS Hostmaster
Department of Information Systems
State of Arkansas

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