[Mimedefang] Frequent signal 11 crashes

Mișu Moldovan dumol at gnome.ro
Fri Oct 10 11:02:28 EDT 2008

În data de Mi, 08-10-2008 la 16:14 -0400, David F. Skoll a scris:
> I get this from the core dump:
> #0  0xb7e97028 in strcoll_l () from /lib/libc.so.6
> #1  0x0804cef5 in rcptto (ctx=0x805f740, to=0x805f588) at ./mimedefang.c:1046
> mimedefang.c:1046    rcpt_mailer = smfi_getsymval(ctx, "{rcpt_mailer}");
> (That's in MIMEDefang 2.65)
> I really have no clue what's happening.  Could libmilter somehow be corrupt?

After further investigation with the Axigen developers we concluded that
libmilter is indeed the main culprit for the crashes. Here's the answer
that I got from them:

«The implementation of libmilter should take into account that when
receiving name/value pairs for macros, respective to the commands that
support macros, can have either one (name or value) or both NULL.
Thus, a check should have been implemented in the smfi_getsymval()
function to test for NULL before using any string manipulation

The fault is not in any third party application that uses libmilter
rather in the library itself. The behavior however is not good given the
fact that it crashes any process without a strong memory management
system implemented. »

I've also received an experimental Axigen binary that doesn't send NULLs
to libmilter. They were aware of the problem and already had a patch
applied in the development tree. MIMEDefang runs smooth now on the
hardened Gentoo server and I'm back to polishing my mimedefang-filter, I
am beginning to love it...

Thanks for the support and for MIMEDefang!

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