[Mimedefang] SMTP AUTH password can be used in Mimedefang?

sosogh sosogh at 126.com
Mon Nov 24 09:05:25 EST 2008

2008-11-24 21:26:51 Tilman Schmidt wrote:

>Have your backend server accept authenticated mail submissions
>on port 587 from everywhere, and unauthenticated transmissions
>on port 25 only from your anti-spam relay. Then configure your
>Outlook clients to send via port 587 of the backend server and
>set your MX to point to the anti-spam relay server.

>configuring the backend server to accept authenticated
>SMTP connections from anywhere, but unauthenticated ones only
>from the anti-spam relay, should already do the trick.

>Alternatively, configure the anti-spam relay to authenticate
>itself to the backend too, and make the backend insist on
>authentication from anywhere, period.

Yes,these three methods will do the trick


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