[Mimedefang] SMTP AUTH password can be used in Mimedefang?

sosogh sosogh at 126.com
Mon Nov 24 08:24:09 EST 2008

2008-11-24 19:44:46 Steffen Kaiser wrote:

>Outbound mails are authentificated, hopefully. So, the backend server 
>(single Port 25 for 1. and 2.) accepts any authentificated mail (service 
>1.) and any mail from (service 2).

>Differ them by authentificated-status, not by IP range.

If one SMTP client make a SMTP connection to backend server,the backend server doesn't know 
whether it is from outside world or from my user's outlook until this "SMTP client" send "AUTH LOGIN"
command to backend server,but at this initial connection moment,backend server has to "make a decision" that whether accept this SMTP connection or drop it.
So I cannot "Differ them by authentificated-status, not by IP range."

>Again: Why do you use different MTAs one backend and proxy?

This is just a "case"  :)
I want to make an anti-spam solution for "any" backend mail server,
no matter what MTA and database the backend server use.
And also the backend mail server config and other stuffs 
(such as MX record ,IP of backend server,POP3 and SMTP server setting in the user's outlook )
don't need to be modified   

It is that "backend server serve for both inbound and outbound mails " 
results in the difficulty in this case. 
If backend server just serves for inbound mails (another server serves for outbound mails ) ,
the solution will be made much more easily 



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