[Mimedefang] Multiple filtering scripts?

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at onet.eu
Wed May 21 05:03:20 EDT 2008

"Colin Milam" <milam at bell-group.net> wrote:
> I am running Mimedefang on our border mail system which handles incoming
> and outgoing email. I only need Mimedefang to filter spam/viruses on
> incoming emails not outbound BUT I would like to add a boilerplate to
> outgoing emails only. Is this possible and how would I go about it?

[ Sendmail-8.13+ can select milter per listening socket ]
Is it possible to make MIMEDefang support multiple milters/"filter scripts"?

In many "spam/virus gateways" it would make sense to use three separate
scripts for:
* mail from Internet
* mail from intranet (internal organization's network)
* mail from loopback (locally submitted mail)

I *know* single filter script can deliver it but using separate filter
scripts would make filtering scripts "cleaner", easier to analyze and
easier to use "out of the box" scripts for *some* tasks (mainly loopback
and intranet filtering).

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