[Mimedefang] mimedefang and simple spamassassin test

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Mon May 12 11:42:50 EDT 2008

> It does fix the problem.

Sorry, I was not clear. Let's define "the problem".

If your problem is getting an interactive shell, then either specifying the 
shell with use of su OR using chsh to give the user a shell in the passwd 
file will fix that issue.

If your problem is how to configure MD and SA to work (better) together, 
than an interactive shell has no bearing on this issue (except for the 
purposes of testing).

> Should the default shell be set to false for defang?
> I have now reset it to /bin/false

The user for MD (defang) does not need an interactive shell to function and 
removing it closes the potential that a hacker could exploit a bug in MD and 
gain shell access to your machine.

Now, regarding the core issue at hand where you don't believe SA and MD are 
working together.

My first question would be what version of spamassassin are you using and 
what version of mimedefang are you using?  I ask this because it sounds like 
your filter might need the command detect_and_load_perl_modules(); because 
the language question you asked leads me to believe you are dealing with an 
older version that has been upgraded without someone looking at the 

My second statement is a question about whether you understand that 
SpamAssassin when called using spamassassin or spamd/spamc modifies emails 
but that MIMEDefang calls SpamAssassin more with a binary question of "Is 
this Spam, true or false?".  Once you get this true or false answer, it's up 
to your MD Filter to decide what to do with emails that are considered SPAM 
and vice-versa.

Hope this helps,

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