[Mimedefang] NS records for a sub-domain

WBrown at e1b.org WBrown at e1b.org
Wed Mar 19 14:40:38 EDT 2008

DFS wrote on 03/19/2008 02:27:52 PM:

> Has anyone heard of such a requirement before?
> No.

> This is a good reason not to outsource your mail to "bluetie.com", 
Iguess. :-)

I agree.  I seem to recall a previous run in with this outfit over some 
other stupid requirement. 

> I assume that the vendor is interested in keeping sherman.wnyric.org's
> business.  Therefore, political pressure should eventually overcome
> technical idiocy. :-)

The vendor provides school "portal" solutions.  Their suggestion to 
obscure email addresses instead of "user at domain.tld" is to use <a href="
mailto:user at domain.tld">User Name's email.</a> so I don't have great 
expectations of them.

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