[Mimedefang] Milter.macros.* for hcpnet.free.fr/milter-greylist

Andrzej Marecki amr at astro.uni.torun.pl
Fri Mar 28 09:34:08 EDT 2008

In a post on MIMEDefang mailing list submitted on Aug 1, 2007 Richard Whelan 
wrote about milter-greylist available at http://hcpnet.free.fr/milter-greylist:

> I've got it as the first milter within Sendmail, with the mimedefang 
> milter straight after. [...]

I'm going to install that greylisting tool at my site but before I begin
I'd like to clarify one issue. I'm also using MIMEDefang milter and so
I have the following lines in my /etc/mail/sendmail.cf so far:

# Input mail filters
O InputMailFilters=mimedefang

O Milter.macros.connect=j, _, {daemon_name}, {if_name}, {if_addr}
O Milter.macros.envfrom=i, {auth_type}, {auth_authen}, {auth_ssf}, {auth_author}, {mail_mailer}, {mail_host}, {mail_addr}

(...plus some other Milter.macros.*.)

The problem is that according to the README file coming with the 
milter-greylist source one should add the following lines to 

O Milter.macros.connect=j,{if_addr}
O Milter.macros.envfrom=i

They obviously differ from the ones I already have. Now, README says:

"Note that InputMailFilters and Milter.macros.* options are shared with 
other milters, and the other milters you have set up may require additional 
macros. Therefore you need to merge what milter-greylist needs with what 
other milters need. If you just copy the lines proposed in this file, this 
is likely to break other milters setup."

How should I solve this?

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