When the fork happens [Re: [Mimedefang] Testing for port #/TLS in filter_relay]

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3. 3. 2008 napsal(a) David F. Skoll na téma ,Re: When the fork happens [Re:...:

> Vladimír Solnický wrote:
>> IMHO there were two forks in sendmail, one as you say after accepting the 
>> connection and the second in the MAIL FROM stage (I looked at it four years 
>> ago, thus the past tense; I do not know the current situation). The second 
>> fork could be avoided if the client used ESMTP and the ONEX command. As I 
>> said I do not know if it is the same now but IMHO it has not changed since 
>> then.
> Reading the source code, I do not see an additional fork() after MAIL FROM.
> Could you show me where it happens?

No, I did not see it in the source code, I made observations on amount of 
sendmail processes (and their status lines in ps) in an unsed e-mail 

> I also traced an instance of Sendmail and did not see a fork after MAIL.
> It only forked after the final "." because of the "background" delivery
> mode.

Then I think they moved the fork to a much more logical place (as this is 
the time you need the fork, not before, and till this point the message 
can be refused--content analysis, oversize, etc.--making the fork a waste 
of resources).

Sorry for not checking if the old observation still applies with the more 
recent versions of sendmail.


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