[Mimedefang] Connect to clamav/clamd and/or SA on other host

C.M. Burns montiburns at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 24 01:35:54 EDT 2008

Michiel Brandenburg schrieb:
> Good to hear .. you might want to plan ahead to using more spamd 
> servers, if one crashes ppl will not be getting their email and start 
> to complain :), not only that but u will only be able to scan about 
> 5-7 mails at the same time.  Not nearly enough in our situation.
Well, that won't happen, because the spamd server is actually a VM 
running on a high availability cluster ;)
There is plenty of power to spawn enough spamd childs.... so this 
should(!) be no problem.

>> what exactly should be the problem in using a central clamd 
>> installation?
> Clamavd uses an FTP like protocol to talk back to the client.  No 
> problems if u have one central scanning machines but in our situation 
> it would not work, for you it might, remember to open up ports in your 
> firewall :). Although clamav is a lot more robust than spamassassin I 
> have seen it dying for strange reasons. We would rather have one clamd 
> scanning only for that server and it temp failing delivery if that 
> failed. Our secondary would pick up the slack.
> Because of that FTP like protocol it cannot be balanced.  clam-milter 
> will "wrap" all them connections though a single port.  This can be 
> balanced. There are some discussions / patches in the clamav mailing 
> list.
i have not heard of this, indeed a problem...
are you using the milter with postfix?

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