[Mimedefang] action_external_filter: entire contents

TOUZEAU DAVID david.touzeau at fr.kaspersky.com
Mon Jun 9 11:49:40 EDT 2008

I prefer the second way explain by scanning message in INPUTMSG but i 
did not really understand mimedefang-protocol.
In this way, how to hook Mimedefang in order to force it to run an 
executable program just after write INPUTMSG file, wait the execution an 
return back to proccess

What do you think if i write this code and put it in filter_end() ?

if(-e "./INPUTMSG"){
    open(MYTOOL,"/usr/sbin/mytool |") or md_graphdefang_log("Failed 
opening mytool");
    @result = <MYTOOL>;
    chomp $result[0];
    close(MYTOOL) or md_graphdefang_log("Failed closing mytool");

Steffen Kaiser a écrit :
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> On Mon, 9 Jun 2008, TOUZEAU DAVID wrote:
>> i see action_external_filter for y mind,   this feature allow only to 
>> send eMail's parts to external process.
>> I need to send the entire contents of the mail include headers, body, 
>> parts to my tool in order to provide backup features
>> Is it possible to do this with this function ?
> The intend of this function is different.
> But look into add_recipient(), though, the original sender might get a 
> bounce, if the delivery fails.
> However, in minutes you have a working function by copy'n'paste'ing 
> from stream_by_recipient() :)
> Alternatively, the complete message is located in "./INPUTMSG", if 
> your filter user can write to the backup store, you can do so right in 
> filter() or filter_end() directly. (see man mimedefang-protocol)
> Bye,
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