[Mimedefang] Ignoring Filtering to Individual Recpients

Colin Milam milam at bell-group.net
Mon Jun 23 10:33:11 EDT 2008


I was wondering the best/easiest way to ignore any filtering when emails
are addressed to a particular user.

We have an exchange server which uses a mimedefang system as an smtp
gateway. The only problem is that the exchange server forwards a copy of
every message it handles to our backup account. This is also sent
through the smtp gateway. Which means emails to the backup are getting
filtered by mimedefang. Is there an easy way to stop mimedefang
filtering emails to the individual backup email address? I can't
whitelist the ip address of our exchange server as it ignores
boiler-plating all email going out from that system.

Hopefully someone gets what i'm trying to achieve????



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