[Mimedefang] Connect to clamav/clamd and/or SA on other host

Michiel Brandenburg apex at prezent.nl
Mon Jun 23 11:49:50 EDT 2008

C.M. Burns wrote:
> is there any possibility to use spamassassin and clamv daemons that run 
> on another host as mimedefang?
Yes this is possible.  For spamassassin we are using 
Mail::SpamAssassin::Client ( remember to use IO::Capture::Stdout 
capturing around the process function as when something goes wrong it 
will print to stdout messing up mimedefang's client/server communication ).

For clamav we are scanning localhost only.  Clamav (unlike spamassassin) 
does not play wel with load balancers. I'm currently looking into a 
clam-milter implementation so that clamd can be balanced but have not 
implemented this in our production servers.

With kind regards,

Michiel Brandenburg

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