[Mimedefang] message detected as SPAM but not rejected

C.M. Burns montiburns at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 16 06:21:34 EDT 2008

hi list,

i changed the config (section filte_end) of mimedefang to

       if ($hits >= 6)
           action_bounce("Message detected as SPAM with score $hits.");

which sometimes works just as it should.
but not always.

in most cases, mimedefang recognizes an incoming mail as spam

Jun 16 12:12:45 mailserver mimedefang.pl[6312]: 
MDLOG,06D72AC861,mail_in,,,<855legal at retractableawnings.com>,<user at example.com>,SPAM: 
Best of Prada%2C Dior%2C UGG

but does not bounce it.
the MTA then accepts the mail. for debugging reasons i enabled 
spamassassin spamd after queue with the same config file and it detects

Jun 16 12:12:45 mailerver spamd[6867]: spamd: result: Y 6 - 
scantime=0.1,size=2708,user=webmail,uid=500,required_score=5.0,rhost=localhost,raddr=,rport=57814,mid=<000501c8cf98$03644327$09653ea0 at dxhlu>,bayes=1.000000,autolearn=no 

with a score of 6, defang should have bounced the mail.
i can only think of one reason for this: mimedefang has another score as 
SA with the same config file.

has someone an idea how to solve this problem?

thx !


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