[Mimedefang] E-mail REJECT problem

Kimmo Jaskari Kimmo.Jaskari at paf.com
Thu Jul 24 02:37:03 EDT 2008

mimedefang-bounces at lists.roaringpenguin.com scribbled on :

> originator postcards at hallmark.com
> originator-domain dsl-145-219-109.telkomadsl.co.za

Just as a side comment to this... I turned on the Spamhaus ZEN RBL on the Sendmail level using the built-in functionality for that, that took care of almost all spam from DSL connections and other such places that shouldn't be sending mail directly. Stuff gets dropped before it gets to MIMEDefang in the first place, which is much more efficient as well.

I have yet to receive a complaint about false positives, but our spam levels dropped by thousands of messages per day, and virus counts that made it as far as Clam on our MIMEDEfang installation went to near zero.

It's an amazing functionality to get for free, and you should definitely look into whether or not it would work for your environment, imho.


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