[Mimedefang] E-mail REJECT problem

Paul Murphy Paul.Murphy at argentadiscovery.com
Wed Jul 23 04:55:39 EDT 2008

Your log extract shows the problem:

> Jul 23 09:38:21 relay sendmail[7747]: m6N7cA8O007747:
> from=<postcards at hallmark.com>, size=0, class=0, nrcpts=1, proto=ESMTP,
> daemon=MTA, relay=11.microlink.zm [] (may be forged)

You check for "hallmark.com" with nothing after the ".com" part:

>  if ($sender =~ /hallmark\.com$/) {
                 return ('REJECT', "Connection Refused: Relay Server ($ip) blacklisted");

The message is coming from "<postcards at hallmark.com>" - it has angle brackets on the sender address, which your test fails to take account of - remove the $ and all should be well unless someone has a domain which contains this string (unlikely).  Alternatively, remove any brackets from the sender address before testing.

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