[Mimedefang] configure problem on hppa

Christoph Martin martin at uni-mainz.de
Mon Jul 21 07:50:38 EDT 2008

Hi David,

David F. Skoll schrieb:
> I saw this very weird bug report... I suspect it's a problem with either
> Perl or the pthreads library on HPPA.
> I do not know how feasible it is to supply different configure arguments
> for different architectures in Debian, but you can avoid the problem
> by using:
>   ./configure --disable-embedded-perl
> when building the package.  This will, of course, make the HPPA .deb
> different
> from all the other architectures.

Thanks. It would have been nice to have the same build on every
architecture for Debian. But I don't think it is a big problem to not
have the embedded perl for hppa. I uploaded a new package where embedded
perl is  disabled for hppa. The build now went fine and I hope that 2.64
 will reach Debian/testing soon.


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