[Mimedefang] mimetool version to use?

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Sun Jul 13 11:11:40 EDT 2008

To my knowledge, in the old days, MIME-Tools was abandoned by Eryq and DFS 
had made some important fixes to the versions around 5.412 through 5.417 
that weren't official releases.  You should also ignore the weird 6.2X 
releases.  And 5.420 had an important recursion fix, I believe.

Anyway, the (in)sanity was restored a few years ago because Roaring Penguin 
became responsible with CPAN to be the pacakge owner first with DFS and now 
with David O'Neil maintaining it.

So you can safely install the latest from CPAN and MD should probably update 
the website minorly to reflect that.


> On the download page, it specifically mentions to use the version
> 5.420, but no explanation is given.
> Plus, right above it, it says to get latest one from CPAN.
> So, which version should I use and whats the reason for "Use this
> version!" comment?

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