[Mimedefang] Mildly Off-Topic: Yahoo! Mail

Tim Boyer tim at denmantire.com
Tue Jan 8 22:22:38 EST 2008

> I am becoming increasingly frustrated with Yahoo! Mail.
> A large majority of our mail to Yahoo! is being deferred akin 
> to greylisting 
> practices.  That I can live with.  But even after the 
> deferment is done and 
> the mail is delivered from our side, Yahoo! users are 
> complaining the email 
> is never received.  And these users are familiar with 
> checking bulk mail / 
> spam folders for false positives.
> Filling out their forms seems to be a waste of time because 
> our servers are 
> "shared" servers that host multiple domains, legitimate 
> mailing lists, etc.
> Of course, we are white-hats, don't send/allow UCE, have full 
> smtp auth and 
> anti-viral/spam policies.
> We also allow mail forwarding and we only tag, not block 
> SPAM.  We are also 
> the backup MX for hundreds of people.  This means that 
> despite even best 
> internet practices, we do send DSNs, we do relay "spam" 
> (marked as such), 
> etc.
> Anyway, so short of telling people we will no longer perform 
> backup MX, not 
> allowing mail forwarding or changing our fundamental policy 
> on tagging spam 
> and avoiding false, positives, I'm looking for answers.
> The first suggestion many people have made is to get 
> domainkeys working. 
> However, most of that work in MD doesn't seem to be 
> functioning according to 
> the wiki entry.  Anyone have it working?
> Or better yet, does anyone have any comments or contacts at 
> Yahoo! in their 
> postmaster division?  It's getting to the point where the 
> only thing I can 
> do is recommend people don't use Yahoo! mail and it's a 
> wonderful interface 
> that has long supported groups including many non-profits I 
> care strongly 
> about.
> Regards,
> KAM 

Kevin -

We have a single, unshared server. We do no mailings at all - none.  We've
got SPF setup, an abuse address, postmaster gets read, etc. The only email
we send to Yahoo! is single, non-automated messages from a human here to one
of our vendors and one of our salesmen.

It has become damn near impossible to get an email through to Yahoo.  I have
filled out their damn forms a half-dozen times.  No response, no help at

We have advised our vendor - and instructed our employee - to quit using
Yahoo.  There is, unfortunately, no other solution.  They don't listen, they
don't respond, and they don't care.

Tim Boyer 
Chief Technology Officer
Denman Tire Corporation
tim at denmantire.com

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