[Mimedefang] Regexp help

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Wed Feb 20 12:36:43 EST 2008

--On Wednesday, February 20, 2008 10:24 -0700 "Ashley M. Kirchner" 
<ashley at pcraft.com> wrote:

>     I seem to be getting a lot of spam from e-mails that start with
> either a '-' or '_', for example 'from=<-l-i-s-h-a at adam-friedman.com>'
> and 'from=<_nia at adidassler.com>'.  Obviously bouncing them is a waste of
> time.  Can someone help with a regexp that I can stick in my config to
> tarpit these guys (/dev/null) ?  Or, if there's a better solution, I'm
> listening.

if ($Sender =~ /<[_-]/)  {
	return action_bounce('This looks like spam');

This gives a 550.  Remember action_bounce does not generate a bounce.

Joseph Brennan
Lead Email Systems Engineer
Columbia University Information Technology

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