[Mimedefang] Multiple submission queues?

Hugh Messenger hugh.messenger at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 18:29:48 EST 2008

David F. Skoll wrote:
>Hugh Messenger wrote:
>> Is it possible to use multiple clientmqeueue's, and hence multiple
>> queue runners? [snip]
> MIMEDefang invokes "sendmail -Ac -odd" to stream messages, so you
> may be able to use multiple submission queues.

In which case I should indeed be able to tweak submit.mc to do what I
need.  Excellent.

> You may want to look at our commercial CanIt product. [snip]

I really, really wish I could.  But the reason I'm having to dive into
mimedefang/SA is because my budget has been frozen, so I had to dump

The budget I did have had to be spent on MailChannels' TrafficControl,
a light weight connection management layer that sits between sendmail
and the world, multiplexing sendmail sessions, getting rid of about
80% of connections before starting any heavy lifting through
sendmail/milters.  Lets me handle up to about 2000 concurrent
connections per box with only 30 or so sendmails running.  If I turn
TrafficControl off, I last about 30 seconds before my little farm
comes grinding to a halt!

> Regards,
> David.

Thanks for the fast response!

   -- hugh

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