[Mimedefang] Using clamd running on another server

Michiel Brandenburg apex at xepa.nl
Wed Dec 3 18:25:47 EST 2008

Steffen Kaiser wrote:
>> How do I tell mimedefang to connect to ClamAV via TCP? I couldn't find
>> a way to set $ClamdSock to do this.
> TCP sockets are not implemented.
Clamav does support connecting via tcp sockets, mimedefang does not 
support it.  This is for a good reason as clamav will only support a ftp 
like connection, with separate command and data channels (like passive 
ftp) creating havoc on firewalls, routing, load balancing etc.  Imho 
clamav should change this behavior, also more than one patch to the 
source has been suggest by other ppl but none have been implemented 
upstream, I have not seen a response by the clamav developers why this 
is a bad idea (to have it run on only one socket that is).
On the other hand .. what does work .. is using mimedefang to connect 
via a tcp socket to clamav-milter.  I have (or had :) a test setup where 
this worked, I have never had to implement it on our production servers 
as the clamav server on it was not the bottleneck at all.
If you could tell us why you would want to connect via tcp we might be 
able to suggest an alternative approach.
Michiel Brandenburg

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