[Mimedefang] Multiple Milters w/ mimedefang

Mike Weaver weaver at ascr.doe.gov
Fri Dec 5 13:43:44 EST 2008

Greetings all,

I didn't see anything addressing this specifically in the list archives, so
I'll throw it out here.

Are there issues one needs to be aware of when running multiple sendmail
milters including mimedefang?  Are there 'housekeeping' issues like if a
early milter say, in the data phase, rejects or discards a message due a
particular header, what happens to mimedefang's 'state' when it's data phase
calls are made?

I'm no milter expert, but I'm curious as to how all this works.  I know I
can do whatever I want in mimedefang (within limits, of course) by adding my
own custom checks, but the 'all-in-one' approach has the drawback of hosing
your entire email system if you get one thing wrong.

This is just research at this point, I have no definite plans, but would
like a better understanding of these issues from some of you more
milter-proficient types out there.

Thanks - Mike

Mike Weaver
US Department of Energy


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